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How to Prepare for Your Open House

Wed, 15 Mar by paullamba

imagesWhen selling your home, it’s not only the inside of your home you need to be concerned with but also your houses curb appeal. You want your home to look it’s best because first impressions really are the most important in the Real Estate industry. There are plenty little things you can do to that make a huge impact on the impression of your home.

  1. Curb AppealCurb Appeal

The outside of your home is the first look buyers will have of your home, they will form an opinion before they even leave their cars. We were always told not to judge a book by it’s cover but personally, I’ll more likely look inside the book with the best-looking cover. So, give your home the best cover you can. The first step to a better curb appeal is to declutter your front yard. Buyers don’t want to have step around obstacles, clear away all the kids toys and lawn maintenance tools. Speaking of which, use those tools before putting them away, lawn maintenance can make a world of difference in curb appeal. If you have a lot of foliage make sure everything is well trimmed and as green as can be, get rid all dying leaves and cut your lawn to an uniform length. To make your yard seem more lively add bright potted flowers for a quick fix or plant in your garden if you can in advance. Although flowers wont be of help selling in the winter you can still give you yard a face lift by having nicely shoveled sidewalks and drive way on the showing date. Your goal is to make the outside of your house the most attractive it can be.

  1. The Inside

When prepping the inside of you home think of your senses; touch, scent, sound, and sight.


The average person will likely touch counter tops and accents subconsciously and what you don’t want is for them to realize they’re doing it by their hand coming back dirty and grimy. Be sure to dust and clean all surfaces from floors to walls. Take a steam cleaner to your carpets and a damp cloth to the walls.  Avoid cooking strong smelling food prior to open houses and showings. I would suggest not cooking with a deep fryer or cooking ethnic foods or fish, these all have smells that tend to linger. Although sound doesn’t seem like it fits here but I assure you it does. Try fixing any doors or drawers that make noise when opened, creaky doors make the house seem older and like a fixer-upper. It could be as simple as greasing up the hinges with WD-40, you don’t have to go buy a whole new door. Now that we’ve covered cleanliness in the previous senses, let’s talk about what buyers want to see. Yes, you have a lovely family but try to depersonalize by replacing family pictures with more generic photos. Buyers want to be able to visualize putting their own roots down in the house and that can be difficult when it is overwhelmed with you family’s memories.

These suggestions may seem like little details but in the end when you put them all together they will have a huge impact on the impression you are creating. By following these tips, you are on the right track to displaying a better home to buyers.

Why Should You Have an Open House?

Wed, 15 Feb by paullamba


Whether you’re listing your house for the first time or its been on the market for 60 days an open house will still attract buyers.  Open houses aren’t nearly as common anymore with all the pictures and virtual tours available online, and some may say that they are pointless and won’t bring in any strong buyers, that only neighbours and random walk-ins who have no actual interest in purchasing will stop in. In this post I’ll explain why open houses are still imperative to selling your home.

When you host an open house, buyers at every different stage will be coming through your home. Yes, some will be “just looking”, but some will be serious buyers. Just because they recently started their search doesn’t mean they can’t be serious buyers, have you ever heard love at first sight? And perhaps they wont make an offer that day but maybe it’s like shopping for your wedding dress, many women fall in love with the first one they try on but get
nervous thinking about “what if” and continue searching, but still come back to the first one. Seasoned buyers who have been on the prowl for the perfect house generally have a better understanding of the wedding dress for blogmarket and tend to jump quicker when they final find the perfect house.

We advertise our open houses extensively with Facebook, Kijiji, online paper ads, and MLS but good old fashion signs sometimes bring in the best leads. Maybe Buyers are already searching in your community and stumble on your open house sign, walk in and think “this is the one”. SCORE! Open houses do tend to also attract neighbours who are simply interested to know what is happening in their community and to judge the value of their homes, which is still good. Maybe they have family that is considering moving closer to them? The more people that are seeing your home, the better.

Open houses create a stress-free setting, whereas scheduled showings can be a bit tense and can make some buyers uncomfortable. At an open house potential buyers are able to get a feel of the house and its potential atmosphere without a time limit or an agent following them around. It will also give serious buyers who have already been through another chance to see the house and in a different setting and buyers who have not seen the house before a chance to decide if they like it before they involve their realtors.

There are very little cons to consider when thinking about hosting an open house, the point of an open house is to simply have a large group of people see your home in a short amount of time. So the question is not why have an open house but rather why not? Where’s the harm in trying? Even if you don’t receive an offer from the open house you at least started the buzz about your house for sale. Those that attended will tell their friends, who will tell their friends and so on.

Stay tuned for tips on how to prep for your open house!

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What Does a Property Surveyor Do? What’s an R.P.R Report?

Tue, 13 Dec by paullamba


What Does a Property Surveyor Do? What’s an R.P.R report?

Property Surveyors, sometimes referred to as land Surveyors, play a vital role in the real estate world, (Also known as R.P.R Real Property Report). They are the professionals who determine or
confirm the exact boundaries of a property.

Will you need to deal with a Property Surveyor when selling your home?
You might.

Sometimes the mortgage lender will ask for a land survey (R.P.R), especially if your property is older and hasn’t changed hands in many years. You might also be asked for one by the buyer if there is any confusion about the size and boundaries of your property – or if significant changes have been made to it in recent years.
This is nothing to be concerned about.
A qualified Property Surveyor will do the appropriate inspection and
measurements on your property and issue you the survey. (It looks a little like a blueprint.)

Property Surveyors are highly trained and licensed. In the United States, the profession is represented by the National Society of Professional Surveyors, with each state having its own governing body. In Canada, Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) represents the profession nationally, and most provinces have their own professional associations.

Before getting a new land survey, make sure you don’t already have one. Hopefully, you’ve stored the paperwork that relates to the purchase of your home. Look through it. A valid land survey might be right there.

If you have questions about land surveys, call me Today!

Is it time to Buy Now? Are you Ready to Buy Up?

Wed, 02 Nov by paullamba

Deciding or thinking when to buy a home

Is it time to Buy Now? Are you Ready to Buy up?

Thinking of making a Move or Can’t decide: No matter how much you love your current property, you may be dreaming
of the day you can buy up into a better home in a better neighborhood.
Is that day today, or, is it a few years down the road?
Here’s a quick way to make that assessment.
First, you should make a list of all the practical reasons why it might be time to move
up. Those reasons might include features such as: do you need more bedrooms,
proximity to work and school, a larger backyard with trees, close to parks and
walking paths and better access to things you enjoy like Theater.
Next, you should make a list of the emotional reasons for making such a move. Those
reasons might include memorable get-togethers with friends on a more
spacious deck, an easier and less stressful commute to work, more family
time with the kids and enjoyable Saturday golf at a nearby course.
Finally, take a financial snapshot to determine if you can afford to move up.
You’ll need to get a good idea of what your current property will sell for in
today’s market, average price of homes in your desired neighborhood, and
how much mortgage you’ll need.
Once you have all that down on paper, you’ll have a clear picture of your
readiness. If the practical and emotional reasons for buying up are
compelling, and you can afford to make the move, then you have your
The time is now!
By the way, if you need help in making this determination – especially
figuring out what your home will likely sell for, call me TODAY.

Selling a Home in a Crowded Market

Wed, 26 Oct by paullamba

When you’re about to or thinking of selling  your home, it may be disheartening to see so
many other properties for sale in your neighborhood. You may be thinking,
“That’s a lot of competition! Will our property get noticed?”
Fortunately, there are many proven strategies for standing out in a sea of
For Sale signs.
First of all, keep in mind that many home purchasers come from the
REALTOR’S personal network of buyers who want to move into your area.
So, choosing the right REALTOR® is crucial.
Second, remember that when there are other properties for sale on your
street, curb appeal becomes even more important. There are many simple
things you can do to make your property look great to those driving around
looking at homes. Make sure your property looks as picture perfect as
In a competitive market, it’s also more important than ever to highlight
features of your home that are unique and enticing. If, for example, you
have a large backyard deck and brand new hardwood flooring, make sure
these are mentioned prominently on the feature sheet.
Finally, be as flexible as you can be when scheduling viewings and open
houses. Don’t forget that other listed properties in your neighbourhood draw
in buyers, who may notice your home. It’s not uncommon for a buyer to view
a property and then scout the neighbourhood. So, you want buyers to be
able to see your home on short notice and at a convenient time for them. If
there are several other nearby properties for sale, it means things are hot
from a real estate point of view. You want to roll out the red carpet to
Looking for help selling your home quickly and for the best price? Call
me today!


When you’re about to sell you home

Hello world!

Wed, 01 Jun by paullamba

Welcome to my new blog! I look forward to sharing new and exciting updates about the Real Estate Market and what is happening around town! Stay tuned for new posts coming soon!

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